A Spain in the Pass

Italy? They made just two mistakes.
1. They tried so hard to get to the final. Battling through the group, a feat they were not guaranteed to achieve, entitled them to 120 minutes of running versus England. Then a performance of heroic proportions allowed them, as usual, to vanquish the Germans. (what England wouldn’t give for that power by the way). Simply put, they and Pirlo, ran out of puff.

2. Against all good advice and contradicting all available evidence, Italy tried to give Spain a game. Sadly this approach failed them, though fair play for trying. Italy could, and perhaps should, have reverted to defensive type. Then maybe nil-nil parity might have been achieved through 90 minutes. Maybe Ballotelli would have pinched a goal, or even, maybe penalties.

But that is the ultimate strength of this Spain team, you cannot play them at football, they will ultimately hurt you.

Luckily, despite all the wins and stuff, they are not the best team ever. Firstly, if this Spain side tried to play in any other era, even venturing back such a short distance as the 90’s, they would be unceremoniously kicked out of existence. Where is their Gerd Muller up front? Their Vieira in Midfield?

England were criticised in this tournament for only defending, and rightly so. But Spain are now like the boy who practices playstation FIFA every night, they may win, but nobody likes them for it.

Roll on 2014, and please, let’s hope hope someone can wrest the ball back from Spain, and if they don’t like it and want to go home? Then good.

Come on France, er, Sort of - (CoFeSo - Bet 1)

Top the group and avoid the Spanish blah, blah, blah…

Here at 20steps we see things a little differently. Firstly if you want to actually win the European Championships and get proper credit, then it is better to defeat the reigning champions on the way. Not only that but the runners up spot ensures no meeting with the imperious looking Germans until the final itself. Now hands up England fans who want to meet Germany in a big semi-final?

Secondly, if England come second in the group then their quarter-final will be Saturday evening and not Sunday. Nobody wants a quarter-final on Sunday night, speak to any boss in England and they are praying for the French to come top, otherwise offices, shops, garages, will be empty come Monday morning.

Lastly and most selfishly of all, come second and beat the Spanish and England’s semi-final will be on Wednesday night instead of Thursday. And here at 20steps, we don’t work Thursday.

So the upshot of all this is a big 20steps style ‘Vive la France’. Bet 1 of CoFeSo is for the French to win tidily versus Sweden and top the group, go for Les Bleus to win by the scores detailed below.

All bets to be placed at Victor Chandler. Divide your starting pound thusly…

1-0 - 27p @ 13/2

2-0 - 24p @ 15/2

3-0 - 14p @ 16/1

2-1 - 21p @ 8/1

3-1 - 14p @ 16/1

Maybe worth a cheeky punt on Rooney to score first too, the ‘barnet’ is best price 11/2 with StanJames and Coral. Come on England!

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Wine ever not? - Squeaky Bum Stream Bet 1

Things have been going very poorly so I’ll keep this very brief.

Greece must win, Russia can score with ease.

Bet 1 is £1 on Greece v Russia over 2.5 goals, even money with StanJames.

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